Courses Taught

Instructor of Record

  • Introduction to Society (AU)

  • Society Through Science Fiction (AU)

  • Cultural Anthropology (AU)

  • Introduction to Latino Cultural Studies (AU)

  • Race, Ethnicity, and Culture (AU)

  • The Politics of Global Health and Medicine (AU)

  • Globalization and Social Change (AU)

  • Social Problems and Social Action

  • Statistical Applications in the Social Sciences (CSUCI)

  • Research Methods in Sociology (CSUCI)

  • Social Stratification (CSUCI)

  • Sociology of the Global Borderlands (UCSB)

  • Sociology of Globalization (UCSB)

  • Sociology of Nations and Nationalism (UCSB)

  • Theoretical Approaches to the Sociology of Religion (UCSB)

Teaching Assistant, Sociology - UCSB


  • Social Movements

  • Green Movements and Parties

  • Consumption, Waste, and the Environment

  • Development of Social Thought

  • Marxist and Critical Social Theory

  • Theories of the State

  • Introduction to Sociology

  • Methods of Cultural Analysis

  • Methods for Global Sociology

  • Sociology of Culture

  • Sociology of Immigration

  • Social Change in the Middle East

Teaching Assistant, History - UCSB

  • World History - Prehistory to 1000CE

  • History of Western Civilization - 1700CE to the Present